Pre-Order For Spout Is Now Open, Bringing Its Tech To Extract Water From Air To Everyone

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Spout was launched on May 8th, 2023, as a revolutionary home appliance that makes fresh, pure water from vapor in the air. After gaining appreciation worldwide, the pre-order for Spout is now open for all.

Spout brings the first-of-its-kind countertop appliance, enabling anyone to create their own fresh, pure alkaline water from water vapor in the air.  The bonus benefit is that Spout also purifies the air around it.  Clean air, pure water, and building a more sustainable, renewable, and stable future for everyone.

Based in Venice Beach, California, Spout was founded in 2019 by Tyler Breton and Reuben Vollmer.  Spout has implemented and refined the ingenious technology of Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs) in order to produce enough water for the recommended daily intake of up to 4 people in the smallest possible footprint.  The Spout fits on almost any countertop in a home, RV, or camper van, allowing humans to go beyond the limitations of piped water or water delivered in plastic bottles. Wherever electricity can go, water can flow. No more delivery trucks, plastic-tasting water, uncertain municipal pollutants, just pure water made right where a person needs it. 

Spout’s revolutionary technology is at the forefront of science, providing the tools which will actually enable humans to reconnect with Nature.  Technologies that will end the cycle of continuous consumption and destruction of natural resources. Spout believes technology and Nature are not at odds but can become symbiotic partners in building a new future that benefits all.  Spout’s energy-efficient internal process and filtration system provides pure, alkaline drinking water while simultaneously purifying the air in the process.

One of the most important aspects of introducing new methodologies and technologies is to make them accessible and user-friendly. 

Spout understands that a device that lives on the counter needs to be simultaneously user-friendly and aesthetically cohesive with its surroundings.  The team worked with Fred Bould of Bould Design (the firm that designed the Nest Thermostat) to successfully pioneer a unique design that will not just earn its place on a kitchen countertop but will set the bar for a brand-new, sustainable way to enjoy fresh, drinking water in the home – wherever home is.

Spout’s growing community is its greatest resource as a company.  It comprises individuals from all over the globe, from every walk of life, and varying beliefs and viewpoints.  They all share the desire to participate in small personal shifts that can collectively create meaningful changes to current paradigms, moving toward a more sustainable and secure future.

With its unique technology and sleek design, Spout is changing the entire paradigm of how anyone obtains water and how people think about the most valuable natural resource.

Spout made its global debut on May 8th, 2023.   Pre-orders of Spout can be made exclusively online at 

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Company Name: Spout Ventures Inc.

Contact Person: Andy Robbins



City: Venice Beach

State: California

Country: USA

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