5 Star Protection Services Lancaster CA – A Personal Experience That Ended In Disaster

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In the year 2016, Edward Taylor launched 5 Star Guard Protection Services in the picturesque city of Lancaster, California. Initially, the company projected an image of unwavering honor and integrity, promising top-tier security services. However, as time passed, a more ominous and unsettling side of the enterprise began to emerge, culminating in distressing allegations of unethical conduct. This article explores the intricate web of suspicions surrounding 5 Star Protection Services in Lancaster, CA.

5 Star Protection Services

A Troubling History

Edward Taylor, the founder of 5 Star Protection Services, CA embarked on what seemed like a promising venture. However, in 2017, Edward Taylor’s personal life took a wild turn when he was arrested on charges of felony reckless driving and DUI. Little did he know that this was just the beginning of a series of events that would cast a shadow on his company.

In the same year, Taylor faced domestic violence charges against his ex-wife, which were eventually retracted. Notwithstanding these legal challenges, Edward Taylor remarkably evaded substantial repercussions and maintained his role as the head of 5 Star Protection Services.

Complaints and Citations

The troubles didn’t end with Taylor’s legal issues. In 2018, 5 Star Protection Services received a formal complaint and was cited by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) for failing to provide proper insurance and medical benefits to its employees. Employees of the company claimed that Taylor had not paid them, and this issue persisted until September 2, 2023.

5 Star Protection Services

Misleading Contracts and Non-Performance

One of the most troubling aspects of 5 Star Protection Services Lancaster, CA is its alleged practice of entering contracts with clients, collecting payments, and then failing to deliver the promised services. Clients have reported that the company would initially provide security services for a brief period, typically around two weeks, only to disappear without notice. The intention behind this practice appears to be an attempt to continue collecting payments from clients who are unaware of the company’s non-performance.

Personal Experience

One victim of the 5 Star Protection Services Lancaster CA  scam, who wishes to remain anonymous, shared their personal experience. The victim’s family, along with their neighbors and friends who own businesses in the area, had engaged the services of 5 Star Protection Services for a combined total exceeding $80,000. These payments were made under the assumption that the company was fulfilling its contractual obligations, only to discover later that their properties were left unguarded.

5 Star Protection Services

Threats and Harassment

As if the financial losses weren’t enough, Edward Taylor’s response to complaints has been deeply concerning. Multiple reports suggest that he has resorted to threats, attacks, and stalking individuals who have reported him to BSIS and local law enforcement. This behavior includes sending intimidating letters to the families and friends of those who have spoken out against the company.

A Call for Accountability

In total, it is alleged that 5 Star Protection Services and its leadership, including Edward Taylor, have managed to scam over $200,000 from various victims, including the victims who shared their stories. The extent of these allegations raises serious questions about the company’s ethical practices and commitment to providing legitimate security services.


The troubling history and allegations surrounding 5 Star Protection Services Lancaster, CA serve as a stark warning to individuals and businesses seeking security services. Researching thoroughly and vetting security providers is essential to avoid falling victim to scams and unethical practices.

Warning: Approach with Caution

Given the serious allegations and documented issues associated with 5 Star Protection Services Lancaster, CA, it is strongly advised to exercise caution when considering this company for security services. The experiences shared by multiple individuals and businesses highlight the need for transparency, accountability, and ethical practices in the security industry.

5 Star Protection Services

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