Luxurious Balmoral Slopes Residence Sets New Record with $19.5M Sale in Mosman

Amelia Earhart
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A stunning three-level family home designed by renowned architect Susan Rothwell has achieved the highest house price in Mosman this year, selling for approximately $19.5 million. Discover the exquisite features of this exclusive property situated on the coveted “Balmoral Slopes” and learn about the competitive bidding that took place during the 23-day market campaign.

In a remarkable real estate achievement, a magnificent three-level family residence, masterfully crafted by acclaimed architect Susan Rothwell, has captured the spotlight in Mosman, commanding a record-breaking sale price of about $19.5 million. Situated on the highly sought-after “Balmoral Slopes,” this luxurious property at 15 Burran Ave has now become the most coveted address in the area for 2023.

Formerly owned by Karen and Richard Leon, the residence boasts five bedrooms and stands proudly on a generous 936-square-meter block. Richard Leon, known for his roles as the former CFO of automotive software company Infomedia and interim CFO of tech firm Altium, has created a captivating family home with timeless design and unmatched elegance.

During the sales process, numerous interested parties vied for the chance to own this exceptional property, which had been on the market for 23 days. Although the sales agent, Stefon Bertram of Pello, remained tight-lipped about the final result, reliable sources confirm that an affluent family from the upper north shore secured the purchase with a substantial sum close to $19.5 million.

Notably, this extraordinary sale surpasses previous records set in the area. It exceeds the $19.25 million paid in April by Minon Desai, owner of high-tech drainage company Rainsmart Solutions, and his wife, Reshmaben, for the Shellbank Ave residence of mining magnate Craig Williams. Additionally, it outshines the rumored $19.1 million transaction for 3 Pursell Ave, a property owned by Dilcara construction company director Antoine Gittany and his wife Barbara Zitianellis.

Back in 2016, the Leons acquired this remarkable residence from Jun Qiu and Ken Deng, major shareholders of Queensland Mining, for $11.8 million, facilitated by Stefon Bertram. At the start of the campaign, Bertram anticipated a sale price in the “high teens” based on comparable sales around $19 million. However, the final result far surpassed expectations, showcasing Bertram’s exceptional skills in securing an outstanding outcome for his clients.

The allure of the Balmoral Slopes, coupled with the architectural brilliance of Susan Rothwell’s design, undoubtedly contributed to the intense interest and fierce competition surrounding the sale. With its grand proportions, impeccable craftsmanship, and an enviable location, this exceptional residence has set a new benchmark for luxury living in Mosman.

Prospective buyers and enthusiasts of opulent real estate alike can only marvel at the splendor of this iconic property, which now stands as a testament to the allure and prestige of the Balmoral Slopes neighborhood. As Mosman continues to captivate with its prestigious offerings, the sale of this remarkable residence serves as a reminder of the remarkable heights that the local property market can reach.

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