Steph Curry Reacts to Sabrina Ionescu’s Record-Breaking Performance in the WNBA 3-Point Contest

Amelia Earhart
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New York’s Sabrina Ionescu delivered an extraordinary performance in the WNBA 3-Point Contest, leaving NBA star Steph Curry in awe. Ionescu’s historic display shattered records and caught the attention of Curry, a two-time NBA 3-Point Contest champion. Read on to discover Curry’s reaction to Ionescu’s remarkable achievement.

In a jaw-dropping exhibition held in Las Vegas, Ionescu’s skills on the court took center stage. Competing for the 3-Point Contest championship, the former Oregon Duck unleashed an unstoppable shooting spree, accumulating a staggering 37 out of 40 possible points. Her incredible performance not only clinched her the title but also set new benchmarks in both the WNBA and NBA for the most points scored in a 3-Point Contest round.

Initially missing her first shot from the corner, Ionescu quickly regrouped and embarked on an unforgettable shooting streak. Demonstrating remarkable accuracy and composure, she went on to sink an impressive 20 consecutive shots, leaving spectators and fellow athletes in awe of her prowess.

Curry, renowned for his exceptional long-range shooting, promptly took to Twitter to express his reaction to Ionescu’s record-breaking achievement. The two-time NBA 3-Point Contest champion marveled at Ionescu’s performance, describing it as “ridiculous” in a tweet. Curry’s recognition of Ionescu’s unparalleled talent highlights the significant impact she made in the 3-Point Contest and the admiration she has garnered within the basketball community.

With two victories in the NBA 3-Point Championship in 2015 and 2021, Curry himself is no stranger to the intense competition of long-range shooting. His shared record of 31 points in a single round with Tyrese Haliburton attests to his shooting prowess. Therefore, Curry’s acknowledgment of Ionescu’s exceptional achievement carries considerable weight and further solidifies her status as a rising star in the world of basketball.

In conclusion, Sabrina Ionescu’s record-breaking performance in the WNBA 3-Point Contest earned her well-deserved recognition from NBA star Steph Curry. The impact of her extraordinary shooting display, which shattered previous records, resonated across the basketball community. As both fans and athletes eagerly await the next 3-Point Contest, it’s clear that Ionescu’s name will be etched in the history of this prestigious competition.

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