Synergizing Energy and Tourism for Sustainable Development in Senegal and The Gambia

Amelia Earhart
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Market Research Record – In the MSGBC region, the convergence of the energy and tourism sectors offers a promising avenue for sustainable growth. Senegal is capitalizing on energy advancements to drive infrastructure development and boost tourism, while The Gambia is using tourism revenue to foster energy projects. This article explores the dynamics between energy and tourism in both countries, highlighting how their unique approaches can pave the way for mutually beneficial and environmentally conscious development.

Energy-Driven Tourism in Senegal: Senegal’s energy sector is breathing new life into its tourism industry by accelerating the growth and redevelopment of potential tourism destinations. Infrastructure and energy projects, such as the Sandiara Special Economic Zone (SEZ) with its gas-to-power and solar facility, are set to power tourism hotspots along the southern coast. One example is the transformation of Mbodiene, a fishing village in the Thies region, into a major tourist complex. Real estate and energy firm, LFR Energy, envisions the development of two luxurious hotels, villas, a shopping center, and an amusement park to create a new economic hub and foster tourism growth in Senegal.

Tourism-Driven Energy Investments in The Gambia: In contrast, The Gambia relies on its thriving tourism sector, accounting for 20% of the country’s GDP and employing 19% of its population, to drive economic growth. The World Bank recognizes the significance of tourism and supports its diversification and climate resilience with a substantial grant. The Gambia intends to utilize tourism earnings to support energy projects that enhance infrastructure and contribute to overall development. With ongoing initiatives to improve electricity delivery and explore untapped energy resources, The Gambia’s tourism industry provides a crucial revenue stream to stimulate energy advancements and create a robust domestic energy value chain.

Promoting Synergy and Investment Opportunities: Upcoming events like the MSGBC Oil, Gas & Power 2023 conference, held in Nouakchott on November 21–22, serve as excellent platforms to encourage further investment in both the tourism and energy industries in Senegal and The Gambia. This conference brings together regional and foreign investors, fostering dialogue and deal-signing opportunities that can accelerate sustainable development in both countries.

Conclusion: The interplay between energy and tourism in Senegal and The Gambia presents a unique opportunity for sustainable development. While Senegal utilizes energy advancements to spur tourism and infrastructure growth, The Gambia leverages tourism revenue to drive energy projects. By capitalizing on their respective strengths and fostering collaboration between the two sectors, both countries can achieve long-term prosperity while preserving their natural environments.

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