Vehicle Plows into Hinsdale Eatery, Leaving Five Injured, Including Minor

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HINSDALE, Ill. – A startling vehicle mishap unfolded in Hinsdale on Monday afternoon when a car unexpectedly crashed into a local sandwich joint, Fontano’s Subs. The incident left five individuals injured, among whom was a 14-year-old passerby, according to village authorities.

Emergency services from the Hinsdale Police and Fire Department were dispatched to the accident site at 9 S. Lincoln St. around 2:35 p.m. following reports of an automobile colliding with a building.

The scene presented several casualties, including a 14-year-old pedestrian who was critically wounded outside the restaurant. He was immediately transported to Hinsdale Hospital before being airlifted to the Comer Children’s Hospital at the University of Chicago due to the severity of his injuries.

Three individuals inside the eatery were also struck by either the car or flying debris resulting from the impact. They were promptly taken to Downers Grove Hospital in serious condition. A fourth person, a patron at the restaurant, received minor injuries and was treated at the site itself.

Officials reported that the car had been exiting a parking lot across the street before the crash. The driver was fortunate to escape the incident unscathed.

To support the ongoing investigation, the Major Crash Reconstruction Team from the DuPage County Merit Task Force has been brought in to assist Hinsdale Police.

Chopper7HD managed to capture images of the aftermath around 4 p.m. A vehicle could be seen lodged within the establishment, its hazard lights still blinking.

The impact resulted in notable damage to the restaurant’s frontage, with missing bricks and debris scattered across the interior. A bystander recounted the scene as “horrific.”

In conclusion, this tragic incident is a stark reminder of the potential dangers that can arise even in commonplace environments such as restaurants. It emphasizes the importance of safety measures and cautious driving, especially in busy urban areas.

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