“Prominent Investigator Portrays Gilgo Beach Killings Suspect as an ‘Unholy Entity'”

Amelia Earhart
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In a horrifying revelation that has kept the Long Island community on edge for over ten years, the lead investigator on the Gilgo Beach serial murders task force branded the suspect, Rex Heuermann, a veritable “fiend from the underworld”. Authorities continue to relentlessly work on the case, according to Suffolk County Deputy Police Commissioner Anthony Carter during a CNN interview.

Carter vividly described the heinous actions of the suspect as the “most shocking he has ever witnessed”. He further stated, “Understanding the psyche of an individual capable of such horrendous acts is an insurmountable task. The suspect’s clear intention to inflict such harm on the victims makes these crimes among the most appalling I have ever seen.”

The 59-year-old New York architect, Heuermann, was detained in New York City on charges of murder relating to the deaths of three of the four victims, collectively known as the “Gilgo Four”. The enigma of these unsolved murders began unfolding when an inquiry into a woman’s disappearance in 2010 led to the shocking discovery of 10 additional sets of human remains.

Over a year had passed since the task force started probing Heuermann’s possible links to this cold case, named after the beach where the victims’ remains were found. Heuermann, who pleaded not guilty, is now the leading suspect in a fourth murder case.

With the question of additional victims looming, Carter didn’t rule out any possibilities. “As we gather more evidence in the coming days, anything is plausible,” he remarked.

Investigators obtained the suspect’s DNA sample from discarded pizza In 2022, a few days after Carter’s appointment as deputy commissioner, a task force was formed. The team included detectives from the Suffolk County Police, New York State Police, the Sheriff’s Department, the District Attorney’s Office, the FBI, and others.

The breakthrough in the case came from a mix of cell phone data, credit card statements, and DNA testing. In January 2023, investigators secured a DNA sample from Heuermann’s discarded pizza crust.

Carter lauded the team’s persistence and meticulous planning in obtaining a viable DNA sample, stating, “With the collective strength of our undercover operatives and the task force, we finally procured the crucial DNA sample.”

Carter was informed of Heuermann’s arrest during a run, an update that had him thinking, “we got him.” He added that the task force was concerned about public safety and the potential for the suspect to target another victim, hence the swift arrest.

Investigations continue to trace the suspect’s activities and location since the discovery of the women’s remains in December 2010. The task force continues to sift through tip lines and is setting up interviews with potential witnesses.

The suspect’s family, including his wife and two children, are cooperating with the investigation. Carter concluded by emphasizing the gravity of justice for the victims, stating, “These victims were community members, mothers, and daughters. Nobody deserves such a fate. Ensuring justice for them and their families is long overdue, but I’m relieved we are on the right track now.”

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